Markus Hiden becomes CEO of Delta Podsedensek Architects ZT GmbH

Markus Hiden, formerly authorized signatory and partner within the international DELTA Group, is now CEO of DELTA PODSEDENSEK Architects. He will share his duties as the new CEO of the architecture firm with the existing CEO Rudolf Stürzlinger. In his role, Markus Hiden will be primarily involved in the topics of sustainability and architecture at DELTA PODSEDENSEK Architects.

Markus Hiden has been an authorized signatory, overall project manager, and office manager at DELTA Group since 2006. Over the past 15 years, the architect has implemented renowned projects such as the conversion of the SCS and the Gerngroß department store, as well as the Traviatagasse residential building, from planning to project management and local site supervision. In his role as overall project manager, he is currently supervising the projects Franziskus hospital and Malteser religious house in Vienna, which will be completed at the end of 2022.

Markus Hiden, architect and new CEO of DELTA PODS Architects, has set his sights high: “My primary concern is our joint DELTA PODS Architecture, which has doubled in strength since the merger of our two offices. Our many years of experience as well as our many competent architects not only make us one of the largest architectural firms in Austria but there is also a huge creative potential here. We will make the most out of this and also focus on sustainability in our projects.”

Rudolf Stürzlinger, CEO of DELTA PODS Architects, is pleased about the reinforcement in the management: “Markus Hiden has already mastered complex challenges in his projects and is always focused on optimal solutions and the satisfaction of our clients. Through his architectural experience, across a wide range of industries, he has a broad knowledge, which he can perfectly contribute to the DELTA PODS management.”

Wolfgang Kradischnig, CEO of Delta Holding GmbH, has known and appreciated Markus Hiden for a long time: “Markus Hiden has been working for DELTA in the architectural sector in Vienna for 15 years and has demonstrated real leadership qualities. His great strength is the good cooperation with all project participants as well as his great sense of community.”

About Markus Hiden

Markus Hiden started his architectural career by studying furniture construction and interior design at the HTBLA Hallstatt. After graduation, he moved to study architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. In 2006, he joined DELTA Projektconsult Vienna, where he started as an associate in planning and quickly took on a project management role as well. In 2012, Markus Hiden successfully completed his civil engineer examination.

He worked on challenging planning of loft conversions and style renovations in Vienna’s 7th district and soon took over the overall project management in several projects. His most challenging projects to date include the completion of the Gerngroß department store and working on the refurbishment of Shopping City Süd. His focus is primarily on healthcare, but he has also implemented laboratory and residential projects as well as schools and shopping centers. In his role as overall project manager, he has been supervising the Franziskus hospital and Malteser religious house projects in Vienna since 2014, which will be completed at the end of 2022.


He is driven by his love of architecture as well as the opportunity to create not only environmental but also social sustainability and meaning in his projects. His role as overall project manager, office manager, and authorized signatory eventually led to the even more responsible role as CEO at DELTA PODS Architects, thanks to his commitment and enthusiasm for architecture. In his private life, Markus Hiden spends a lot of time in nature and, as a proud father, enjoys spending his free time with his two daughters.